The Old Bristol Historical Society is pleased to accept donations that fall within the scope of its collection policy. We are particularly interested in donations of photographs, archival items such as diaries, letters, and former organization and business records, and smaller objects, though we are happy to consider larger objects if they are of particular historical significance. We are also pleased to accept loans of items that are able to be scanned and returned to the owner. Unfortunately, due to limited staffing, budget and space, we regret that we will not be able to accept all items that are offered. You may view our full Collection Policy here. Thank you for considering our society as the final repository for your heritage items.


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In 2015, recognizing the need to preserve Bristol’s visual history, then Co-Presidents Belinda Osier and Chuck Rand launched a new initiative to create a Digital Images Archive. Led in this project by Chuck Rand, a professional archivist, the OBHS began soliciting community members for permission to scan photographs from their personal collections. By 2020, the archive, which includes both loaned items and items from OBHS’ accessioned collections, had grown to over 8500 images. In April of 2020, the Society began uploading its collection to PastPerfect, an online database, making it accessible to the public through its website.  The OBHS’ Digital Images Archive continues to grow through the generous participation of the community. If you have photographs of interest, including images of Bristol ancestors, or any other items of historical significance that you would like to donate or share as loans, please contact Chuck at 207-553-0034 or Belinda at 207-653-6685.